68147 Loca Lena

1 hora 2 horas toda la noche
200 400 no
200 400 no
Edad: 29 Altura: 164 Peso: 48
Senos: 2 Europeo Marrón
Lena is a very charming 27-year-old Wiesbaden escort lady who has a great sense of humour and a well-groomed attitude. She loves to enjoy every bit of life and is also very understanding when dealing with people. Her definition of FUN is challenging herself by fulfilling role-play requests from clients who want to try new things. Lena is very sensitive and can get emotional real quick. Her smile is adorable and will make you want to pamper her throughout the hours you spend together. Lena lives for sensuality and loves to cuddle. You will definitely enjoy being with her and most importantly, you will get complete value for your time and money.

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